Sunday, July 30, 2006

Booklist review of The Suburban Christian

I just saw on the page for my book that it has been reviewed by Booklist, the review magazine of the American Library Association:

We often hear about the American dream, but the suburban dream? Is that an oxymoron? According to Hsu, more than half the American populace now lives in suburbia. There, he maintains, it offers a contemporary version of the huddled masses in search of a better life who populated modern America. A suburbanite himself, Hsu has a love-hate relationship with the suburban lifestyle. He easily lists the many negative aspects associated with suburban living: long commutes, anonymity and isolation, the generic nature of the housing, lack of true community. Is it possible, he asks, to live authentically Christian lives as suburbanites? Yes, he replies, and here discusses how suburbia can shape Christianity and vice versa. Making a well-meaning and honest appraisal of the way that many Americans live, Hsu offers suggestions on how suburbanites can become better Christians. He is an immensely appealing writer, and what he has to say, which includes practical and incremental steps to take, will resonate with many suburbanites and nonsuburbanites alike. June Sawyers Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

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