Monday, August 27, 2007

Josiah goes to kindergarten

Josiah went to his first day of kindergarten today, and it sounds like he had fun. Last night we read The Night Before Kindergarten together, and I asked him how he was feeling about going to school. He said that he was fine, that he thought it would be fun. So I'm pleased to report that after class today he said that it was "great!"

In honor of our son, let me repost a recent blog entry by my wife about a recent Josiah incident:
Yesterday I took away Josiah's toy lightsaber. He was hitting things (including me) and when he refused to stop I took it away and put it on top of a high bookshelf. A few minutes later we had the following conversation:
Josiah (looking very sad): Mommy, you made me sad. You broke my heart.

Me: I did?

Josiah (drawing a heart in the air): Yes, my heart that is shaped like this. You broke it.

Me: How did I break your heart?

Josiah: You took my lightsaber away... (dramatic eyes, quivering lip)... If you give it back, my heart will be fixed.

Ellen: You can play with it tomorrow.

Josiah (on the verge of tears): If I have to wait until tomorrow my heart will be broken forever!
At this point I had to try very hard to hide my giggles. He seems to have the guilt trip thing down. When I refused to relent he resorted to threatening me with a ghost, vampire bats and a sheep dog. A sheep dog?! Where does he come up with this stuff?

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