Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Point Radio: Olympic Lessons

Prison Fellowship's The Point ran a one-minute radio spot referencing my CT column "Olympic Snapshot." You can listen to the spot here. Here's the text:

"What can the Olympics teach us about heaven? Hi, I'm Mark Earley and this is The Point. With China's record of human rights abuse, the Beijing Olympics have been shrouded in controversy. But that can overshadow a lesson that the Olympics may hold for us. As Al Hsu recently pointed out in Christianity Today, the Olympic Games give us a snapshot, that for some of us is the closest we may come to seeing the international, multiethnic nature of the kingdom of God. One day people from every tribe and tongue and nation will worship Jesus Christ. Even today, our own churches should be shaped by this rich diversity.

"So as you watch the Games, let the reminder of the many flags and faces of people from all across the world stimulate your imagination. Because one day, nations will come not to compete for the gold, but to lay crowns at the feet of the true victor, Jesus Christ. I'm Mark Earley, and that's The Point. For more, visit us at"

And what thrills me most about this spot is that they pronounced my last name correctly! Thanks, BreakPoint. I appreciate it.


preacherman said...

Wonderful words for us.
I appreciate the great job you do with this blog.
It is a blessing to my life.
I want you to know that you and your ministry are constantly in my prayers.
I pray God's blessings over your life and ministry.
I know he has wonderful things in store.
Allow Him to work.
I hope you have a great week!
Again, great thoughts.

Unknown said...

Thank you for writing such thoughtful pieces. You give me a lot of great fodder for The Point and BreakPoint.
--Catherine Larson