Tuesday, September 02, 2008

If school milk tastes different, here's why

Josiah is in first grade now, and he brings his own lunches to school. But we also signed up for him to get milk provided by the school. He didn't take it the first few days. We asked him why, and he said, "It tastes different." I'm guessing that he's getting 2% milk at school, and he's used to skim milk at home. (He seems okay with school milk now.)

Well, at church this past weekend, one mom told me that her daughter, Isabel, also did not like the milk at her school. Here's the reconstructed conversation:

Isabel: Mommy, I don't like the milk at school.

Mom: Why not?

Isabel: It's goat's milk.

Mom: What? [This is not some fancy school district with locally grown organic meals or anything.] It's not goat's milk. It's just cow's milk.

Isabel: No, it's goat's milk.

Mom: What makes you think it's goat's milk?

Isabel [annoyed]: I can read, Mom. It says goat milk. G-O-T M-I-L-K.


Anonymous said...

That brightened my morning. Thanks for sharing it.

elderj said...

I really enjoyed that laugh. Thank you

Friar Tuck said...

Also may be because around this time of year in some places where milk is produced there is a change in feed of the cattle, which makes milk taste differently. Maybe the producer of the milk at school has recently experienced this change.

Raffi said...

Got Milk? I've actually played the game, along with Get the Milk game (the Adachis).