Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"I can't afford to live in America," Jan. 1992

I've been browsing through some of my old journals and came across this entry from the middle of my sophomore year of college seventeen years ago (egads!). The date was January 2, 1992, when I was home for Christmas break:
I can't afford to live in America.

I have seriously been spending way too much money while at home this break. Let me just tally up my food and entertainment costs these last two weeks. First, eating out. Perkins was about seven bucks. Arnold's, another six. Baker's Square, at least eight. And today, lunch with Dan and Mooner at Fuddrucker's I kept down to four. Plus the odd snack or pop along the way, that's at least $25 all together.

Now entertainment. I didn't have to pay for Hook, but the entire price of the Children's Theatre tickets is on my charge card, and that's $37.50. Laura covered the Guthrie tickets, and then throw in a few more bucks for City Slickers, Fisher King, JFK, and then $6 full price for Star Trek VI tonight with Dan and Moon. So about $12 for movies. And don't forget the $6 for rollerskating on New Year's Eve. So that's already at least $55 there.

I forgot $2 at Burger King and throw in a $5 haircut today. And maybe six, seven bucks at Northwestern Book? We're talking ninety, maybe almost a hundred dollars on expenses this Christmas break! And it's not over yet! Can I keep up this level of frivolous, extravagant living? Can I afford to be spending six stinking bucks on a movie?

Heck no. I certainly don't have the resources for this kind of lifestyle.


Torah said...

in this economy people stay home and eat peanut butter and jam! and listen to each other sing

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Mikes Sumondong said...

the post is funny. but what caught my attention is you creating a journal. isn't it nice to keep a journal and review it and laugh about it and be touched by it. all the more if we keep journals about how God has blessed us from before, it surely will encourage us and the people who can read it.

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