Friday, February 02, 2007

Christianity Today review of The Suburban Christian

One of my colleagues just gave me a copy of the Feb. 2007 issue of Christianity Today, which has this review of The Suburban Christian:
How does a Christian live a faithful, others-engaged life in suburbia, a culture pervaded by consumerism, status-seeking, long commutes, and a dearth of community? Hsu, who has lived in suburbs nearly all of his life--and likes it--has created a seamless narrative of the socioeconomics, demographics, and spirituality of suburbia. Winsome stories tell of his personal grappling to live counterculturally.

Hsu and his wife, who both work in Christian publishing, live what seems to be a modest lifestyle with their two young sons. Still, as an admitted "book geek," Hsu recounts struggling with whether to buy more bookshelves or just give lots of his growing library away.

The Suburban Christian may invite comparisons with David Goetz's wisecracking, wry, and a bit jaded Death by Suburb. Hsu gives a more comprehensive, almost textbook, analysis, like a mentor--unassuming, humble, positive, hopeful.

Not all of Hsu's suggestions will resonate with every reader. "There's no one-size-fits-all" way to live intentionally for Christ, Hsu says.

Perhaps his most significant suggestion for optimum suburban living is simple: Try to live where you work and worship. He says this will help move us from anonymity to community--even in spiritually challenging suburbia.


Andrea said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog....
I had heard of yours through L.L. Barkat, I think--and have been meaning to check it out. This is a wonderful ministry...
I will be reading..

Jenell Williams Paris said...

Hi Al,
There's a nice comment for you on my blog, in the comments section from my post from Jan. 26. Just posted today or yesterday, so you probably wouldn't otherwise see it.

Danny Slavich said...

I just ordered The Suburban Christian, and found your blog. I look forward to reading the book.

I've grown up in the suburbs; my fiancee and I are buying a house in the suburbs; and we go to a church in/seeking to reach the suburbs. It seems that in stuff I read lately, the emphasis is on getting back into transforming urban America. That's great, but, unfortunately, that's not where I live (literally).

It seems that your emphasis here has been neglected, and I appreciate that you are speaking to this situation.

Again, I look forward to reading your book (and blog).

God Bless,
Danny Slavich