Friday, February 09, 2007

NPC and $100 update

I'm still in San Diego for the National Pastors Convention, and things are going well here. Yesterday we heard great plenary talks from IVP authors Ruth Haley Barton (author of Sacred Rhythms and Invitation to Solitude and Silence) and Mark Labberton, who spoke on themes from his new book The Dangerous Act of Worship about worship and justice. And my seminar this morning went well.

I don't have much time (folks are waiting to use the laptops here in the digital cafe) so let me just highlight that Craver has posted follow-up posts to his original $100 post that I tagged him with. He stopped by my office earlier this week to show me an anonymous letter that he got in the mail that said "Tag! You're it!"

Along with a $100 bill.

God has funded Craver's $100 project through the generosity of one of his blog's readers. Very cool. Here are some of Craver's comments on the money's impact at his church's food and clothing pantry:

We currently average 45 guests each Thursday. Because of the hard work of our frugal food pantry directors, and the many donations by local restaurants, grocery stores and the Northern Illinois Food Bank, we only spent $200 for one month’s worth of food!!

That means that this particular $100 paid for $40 worth of groceries for 45 people… twice! ($3,600 value)

On top of that, people got hot soup, made by our dear friend (For now…), plus all the regular stuff: coffee, tea and snacks, clothing, Bibles, devotional booklets, clothing… AND, a set of plateware to all who wanted. We had plates left over, so they will be donated to our local Crisis Pregnancy Care center.

The plates were donated by a local Red Lobster that donated 55 sets of test-marketed dinner plates, soup bowls, saucers, cups and the like. I just think that's fantastic. Kudos to all who participate in this ministry, from the local church to nonprofit organizations to corporate donors.

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Craver Vii said...

Thank you for tagging me! I wonder what great things may be accomplished just by tagging a guy over here, or challenging someone else over there, or making a simple suggestion at any given moment. So, thanks again for asking. Er, tagging.

In the case of our local food pantry, I knew that some good stuff was going on, but I did not take any time to soak up the magnitude of hours and effort by so many individuals, generous businesses and non-profit organizations.

Oh, and that “Ben” …what a wise guy!