Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A shout-out to Compassion International

Yesterday I called Compassion International to update our credit card; we support two girls and a program for child survival. I provided my account number and name and address, and the fellow answering the phone asked, "Did you write that book?"

"Um, which one?"

"The suburbs book. I read your blog."

"Oh, that's great. Thanks!"

That was kind of wild. I was surprised and thrown off balance enough by the exchange that I didn't catch the person's name. So, if you're reading this, thanks again, and thanks to Compassion for all the good work you do around the world!


jcubsdad said...

You are welcome. I enjoyed throwing you off Balance.

By the Way, my name is Carl.

Keep up the good work. I am using your book to help me craft some ministry here in Colorado. I will keep in touch.

Al Hsu said...

Thanks, Carl! Good to "meet" you. This is totally random, but after I hung up with you I remembered that when we added the sponsorship of the second child, our credit card was getting two separate charges a month. Which doesn't really matter for me, but I was wondering if that was incurring extra credit card fees on Compassion's end and if it would be better to consolidate that to be one combined charge each month.

Thanks again for reading my book and this blog and for all your work with Compassion!

jcubsdad said...

ohh, do glad you said something.

I fixed it. It had to do with the website vs. you calling. No big deal.

I wrote about our little run in at www.thoughsofagyrovage.com if you are interested.

Meredith's Memoir said...

Thank you for your support! I work at Compassion and am always so moved to hear and read of the stories of our sponsors. It is you who are being obedient to Christ's mandates and are changing the lives of children around the world! It was a pleasure to read your blog.

Meredith Dunn

kumardixit said...

too funny. We sponsor two kids also, and I recently had to call to update my credit card. I must say the operator on the other line was terrific, even though she didn't recognize my name :)

Keep up the writing. I enjoy the insight.