Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wow. History. And the soundtracks for election night nailed it.

I was thoroughly impressed with both McCain's concession speech and Obama's victory speech last night. Both hit just the right notes, and I am encouraged that we really can be a United States of America and move forward as one nation. Yes, we can.

I loved the fact that my local CBS affiliate had no voice-over commentary after Obama's speech and just let the cameras roll as Obama, Biden and their families celebrated with the Grant Park crowds. I thought the music sounded like a movie soundtrack, and I learned this morning that it indeed was. And both candidates used music that interpreted the meaning of this election. This is from the MTV Movies blog:
Movie lovers might have noticed that each man chose music from a [Denzel] Washington movie to play while walking offstage after their respective speeches. And, not for nothing, but we think they both made the perfect choice.

Consider: McCain left the Arizona stage to part of Hans Zimmer’s score from “Crimson Tide.” (This part, actually.) The 1995 Tony Scott film focused on a career Navy man (Gene Hackman), labeled a maverick by some, who is stripped of his authority and ultimately beaten by a young black guy, somewhat new to the scene (Washington).

Then there was Obama, who left the stage to the strings of Trevor Rabin’s score from “Remember the Titans.” The 2000 Disney/Bruckheimer joint? It followed an African-American coach who brought together whites and blacks to win a championship.


Anonymous said...

Al, I wonder if this will be a "disorienting dilemma" (Mezirow's term) to shake us out of our complacency to consider new realities in America? With the possibility of not just entering a post-Christian phase, but a post-racial one as well?

Unknown said...

A new day in America indeed. No matter what side of the aisle we find ourselves on . . . let's seek first his Kingdom (really seek it).

On another note, I recently read your book and passed on the recommendation to the parents and leaders of our church. Any plans on another?

Al Hsu said...

Justin - Thanks for reading my book. I'm not currently working on any other book projects right now, because I just started a PhD program and that's taking up my time for the next few years!